New Trailer for City of Brass Debuts May Release Date

The Indie company, based in Australia, gave former Senior members of the Bioshock developing team an outlet to create a brand-new first-person game free from the confines of the underwater city or a city above the clouds.  The result became a game brought back in time to the Arabian streets.  This is City of Brass

Feels a lot like Bioshock, right?  Only, it’s not nearly as creepy as the first game was.  Instead, the game’s art direction takes on a more cartooney direction, with warlocks, skeletal warriors, and ogres.  Instead of using ADAM to power up, City of Brass utilizes magic to blast through hoards of enemies.

City of Brass releases May 4, 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  Fingers crossed the big twist at the end is that the main character’s name is Aladdin!