Latest Pokemon Sun/Moon Trailer Reveals Foes And New Pokemon

The new trailer released a little early because details were leaking out ahead of schedule, but we finally got it all in one place.

The new foes of the game are named Team Skull and they will be the ultimate foe for players on Alola Region. The team wants to bring the destruction of Pokemon to the region and they have some nifty style while doing it. There isn’t much backstory given in the trailer though.

Also exciting is the new variations of Gen 1 Pokemon. The trailer shows off a surfing electric/psychic-type Raichu, dark-type Meowth and a ghastly Marowak.

The Japanese trailer is actually a little better and provides some additional looks at the new Pokemon, so if you want to check that out it is below! Let us know what you think of the new Pokemon styles.