New Trailer for ‘Star Ocean: The Divine Force’ Focuses on the Game’s Combat System

A gorgeous new trailer has been released that highlights the combat systems for the upcoming video game Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Earlier today a new trailer was released that details the combat systems that will be found in the upcoming video game Star Ocean: The Divine Force, which is set to release on October 27, 2022. The game trailer looks at combat as well as a system called D.U.M.A that the player can use in the game.

Check it out for yourself below:

The premise of Star Ocean: The Divine Force focuses on its dual protagonists. Raymond is a captain of the aforementioned trading spaceship called Ydas while Laeticia is the princess-knight of a kingdom on Aster IV, an underdeveloped planet.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force releases on October 27, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam. What do you think of the new trailer?
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