New Trailer for the System Shock Remake Revealed

Gamers got a fresh look at the long-awaited System Shock remake during the PC GamING Show, showing off some impressive new visuals.

It feels like the System Shock remake has been in development forever. Based off this new trailer, however, it seems to have been time very well spent.

The exciting new trailer features the returning voice talents of Terri Brosius as SHODAN (Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network), a malevolent AI hellbent on humanity’s destruction. A wealth of new gameplay scenes are on display in the trailer, as well as a first look at iconic areas fully-reconstructed by the talented team at Nightdive Studios.

Still no release date, but the System Shock Remake is set to hit PCs, PlayStation 4|5, and Xbox Consoles this year.

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