Next Batch of Limited Run’s Retro Star Wars Games on Sale This Friday

Limited Run Games have announced the next classic Star Wars titles getting the collector’s edition treatment available for order this Friday!

During E3, Limited Run announced they were working with Lucasfilm on bringing back some classic Star Wars games for special collector’s editions. For many fans, this offers the first opportunity to get their hands on them, but for long-time collectors (like me) it’s a chance to snag special versions of these game in swanky packaging.

Last month, they released special versions of Star Wars for the NES and GameBoy, along with a PlayStation 4 version of Bounty Hunter. Today, they’ve revealed the next set of games you’ll be able to snag this Friday:


The Empire Strikes Back NES and GameBoy games each get their own versions. You’ll have the choice of snagging the “Bubble” packaging version, which includes just the game cartridge made to look like the old school toy packages. Or you can pick up the Collector’s Edition which will include goodies like a special pin, book, poster, and box.

Then you have the N64’s Shadows of the Empire! The classic game is one of the defining releases in Star Wars games, and fans will have the same two options here to pick up.

All three of these games will go on sale on Friday, July 26th with the first chance coming at 10AM ET and another at 6PM ET. As the name of the company implies, these are only available in limited quantities and for a short period of time. Once they’re sold out, they’re gone for good. So you may wanna bookmark their site to be ready later this week.

Which of these are you hoping to snag?