NHL 14 Includes NHL 94 Anniversary Mode

I honestly remember NHL games like NHL 94 as this was literally all I played as a kid. We had those awesome consoles with insane graphics, and the ability to score on certain plays no matter what. In later games the special move was going behind the net, passing it in front, and one timing it for gold.

In NHL 94 howere it was a bit easier. You had to swoop in infront of the net, hold the slap shot, then let it go. If you missed, then you may possibly be screwed if you are playing two player. Which at the time meant someone sitting next to you, not online.

Of course we remember the sprites for awesome celebrations and “realistic” movement. We had blue ice because thats how the console made it look. We had all kinds of neat little things, and today it has all changed. Luckily EA is acknowledging that and bringing it all back for the 20 year anniversay of NHL 94.

Yep, NHL 2014 will include a NHL 94 anniversary mode with the blue ice and some other neat features like the good old celebration and even stars under the players. EA Sports should be announcing everything here shortly, but we are too excited for this to wait! It’s going to be awesome, so stick around as we bring you more!