NHL 15 GamesCom Trailer Showcases Authentic Arena’s

Based off all the sports titles realeased, and releasing soon, for next generation consoles NHL 15 is by far the most exciting one. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a big hockey fan myself, or the simple fact the game looks amazing in almost every way. New physics, new controls, and even new visuals to fully grasp next generation technology. 

The latest GamesCom trailer showcases pretty much all of that! The trailer uses actual gameplay to showcase a few new physics based moves, but over all it showcases how arena’s come to life. The crowd is into the game, and from what I can tell they are no longer copy and paste cardboard cutouts, and now that’s neat! 

If you head to the NHL blog you can check out the finite details that they included in the trailer. Some of them include unique jumbo trons for each arena, different types of fans including rival team fans, and even dynamic ice that will mold as players skate on it. To someone that isn’t a hockey fan that might sound like whatever, but to the rest of us? That’s pretty sweet! NHL 15 comes out in September!