NHL 16 Gets Be A Pro Trailer Showcasing New Features

While almost anything is an improvemet on NHL 15, this one seems to add some additional overall features. Your on ice actions will not contribute to how your player will evolve. If you play physical, then you will gain physical attributes. While if you play more skilled then you will get skating and stick attributes. These can then be applied over several categories to grow your player and adapt to your playstyle.

Off the ice your coach will again rate you based on offensive plays, defense, and team work. You can also set up training during the week to improve certain aspects of your player than needs work.

They have also added on-ice visuals to signal shooting lanes, passing targets, and open teammates. It seems this feature will go beyond Be A Pro, so that is rather neat.

Overall it looks fun. Be A Pro isn’t my game mode, but plenty of people love it and it seems they added some cool perks to it. I’m just glad the trailer showed off my favorite team, the Coyotes!