NHL 17 First Wave Of Beta Invites Go Out Today

This year, in the most played mode in EA SPORTS NHL, the team introduces HUT Synergy, an all-new team building system that challenges you to pair player strengths across your whole lineup.

Player Synergy – Player Synergies, such as Relentless Forecheck, will grant a bonus only to players who share this synergy when activated.

·         Team Synergy – Team Synergies, such as One-timer Efficiency, will grant a bonus to ALL players on the team when activated.

·         Dynamic Sets – Players will no longer receive mini packs for completing collections but will now earn collectibles, coins, packs and elite items depending on which set you complete.


Also released today were the first wave of invites for the NHL Beta. The beta runs today (for NHL insiders) until August 4th. Another wave of public invites will head out tomorrow for everyone that isn’t an insider. The beta is running on both Xbox One and PS4.

Beta invites will be sent to the email you utilized to sign up for it, and they also come with 2 extra codes. So if you know someone that got the beta you better start being their friend!

The beta includes HUT(Hockey Ultimate Team), EA’s Hockey League, and Online Versus. 

Those that participate are encouraged to head to the NHL forums to talk about their experiences so that the team can finalize the game for the September release.