NHL 17 Predicts Canada Will Win World Cup Of Hockey

EAs NHL 17 released just recently and EA ran a simulation to see who would win the current World Cup of Hockey.

The winner? Canada. After taking out USA early, Canada advances to the final to battle team North America. There it goes to a game 3 decision where Canada edges out North America by one late goal.

For those that don’t know, the World Cup of Hockey is going on right now and features teams from all around the world. Instead of putting together teams for specific countries a lot of the teams are region based. Such as Team North America and Team Europe. There are still country based teams such as USA and Canada, which has already been a heated battle. The official tournament takes place in a few days, but exhibition games have been going on since last week. Canada and USA have split their series so far, each winning a game.

The match up is interesting because team Canada is the obvious favorites, but North America is a more questionable team. They are younger and a bit slower that some of the other teams on the ice, but if it came down to those two it would be a fun matchup.

I personally ran a sim and had a total different prediction. In my sim Team USA ended up battling Team Europe and winning, with Canada exiting to an upset early. Who do you think will end up winning in the World Cup?