Night Trap’s Upcoming Re-release and What It Means For Modern Gamers


What you may or may not know about Night Trap is just how influential the title was, and still is, in the game industry. Originally released in August of 1992, Night Trap quickly gained a following, selling close to 1 million copies. However, what sparked this following wasn’t the game or its marketing, but rather a 1993 U.S Senate hearing involving violence in video games. 

Night Trap was unfairly pinned as “ultraviolent, sick, and disgusting” by former Senator Joseph Lieberman, who also incorrectly claimed that the game’s main objective was to have the player trap and murder women. This, however, was far from the case, as the real objective was in fact to save these women. Nevertheless, some retailers pulled this controversial title from store shelves and, perhaps most importantly, these hearings prompted the formation of the ESRB, or the Entertainment Software Rating Board, which to this day regulates age and content ratings on video games in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 


I like to think that, over the years, we have become more accepting of video games as a form of media that isn’t just some children’s toy. Now, in 2017, video games are being pinned as villainous less and less often than they were in the 90s. And if that weren’t enough, than this rerelease of such a historically infamous game shows just how far we have come as an industry, as a medium, and as gamers.


Night Trap is an interactive horror movie spoof that uses full-motion video to tell a story about a group of girls having a slumber party and becoming the targets of vampire villains. Players set traps in an effort to capture the vampires and save the girls from having their blood sucked. Among other obstacles the player must know when to activate traps, have the correct color codes for the traps to work properly and accumulate knowledge of the rapidly unfolding story.

The new release of Night Trap was completely rebuilt from scratch and is a completely redeveloped and remastered version of the game with video footage in near DVD quality. Additional features added include:

– A theater option to watch all of the scenes in the game,

– deleted scenes,

– a completely new gameplay mode called “survivor” with randomized gameplay and online functionality (leaderboards),

– production stills and a concept art gallery,

– director interview with Jim Riley about the creative process for the title, and

– an additional game never before released called “Scene of The Crime,” which is the original prototype for Night Trap.

 Night Trap will be released in special limited-edition versions for the PlayStation and PC Aug. 11 then digitally for both Aug. 15 followed by a release on Xbox Live shortly thereafter.