Nintendo Announces E3 2017 Plans; Super Mario Odyssey to be Demo’d

It has become a tradition for Nintendo to forego the traditional E3 press conference, in favor of using their Direct way of releasing new information.  2017 won’t be any different as the long-standing video game company will once again be releasing their Nintendo Spotlight video, before the doors open, on June 13 at 9am PT/12pm ET.  You’ll likely see our favorite President and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime on the E3 floor, during the presentation, but trust me when I say it’ll most be pre-recorded.

Last year was all about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as it should’ve been.  This year, Nintendo plans to expand their dossier to a wide variety of games.  Featured at E3 2017 will be Super Mario: Odyssey, the multi-world game shown at the Nintendo Switch reveal presentation.  Additional games for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS will be shown but the main focus plans to be on Super Mario: Odyssey.

That isn’t all Nintendo is planning, though.  They’ll also be hosting tournaments during the first two days of the 3-day event for their new fighter ARMS and the shooter sequel, Splatoon 2!  


The prospect of seeing more games for the Nintendo Switch is very enticing.  Although, I plan to stay cautiously optimistic for their reveals, as Nintendo has a knack for announcing bigger news after E3, i.e. the Nintendo Switch reveal.  Still, Nintendo has put forth a solid plan that will keep gamers engage and near their booth for another year.

Nintendo’s Spotlight event will be the last E3 Press Conference for the week.  To follow when the others will take place, take a look at our handy schedule!

E3 2017 takes place June 13-15.  We’ll be in LA covering the event starting Saturday June 10.