Nintendo Applies for New Handheld Patent

On June 30, 2016, Nintendo filed a patent for a new handheld with the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Nintendo’s patent, originally found by twitter user ZhugeEX, shows of schematics for a new single-screen handheld.  Take a look at some of the design schematics.


The top diagram shows off the vibrating technology of the new device.  It’s the second one that really has me curious.  At first glance, this design had me thinking that this was a new “gaming cell phone” of sorts.  In fact, the next picture, below, almost confirmed it for me.


From the way that you can move and select weaponry, via touch, really convinced me that this was some sort of Nintendo iPhone.  That is, until they showed the actual design.


This is indeed a gaming controller/handheld device.  It actually looks like a smaller version of the Wii U controller.  Nintendo has stated that the NX wouldn’t completely eliminate the Wii U.  Perhaps this is what they were talking about.  The next picture, though, has me really thinking that this controller has a lot to do with the NX, than just another handheld device.

CPU pic

This CPU may look like a lot of jargon to most, but when you read the diagram description in the patent it really gets the wheels spinning.


“Therefore, the information processing apparatus can communicate with a further computer and a further information processing apparatus directly or via a network”.  Sounds a lot like the Wii U controller, in a lot of ways.  It also could be what Nintendo has been talking about.  Creating a whole new way of gaming that could incorporate a game-on-the-move style of console.  In fact, it would fit with what has made Nintendo so successful, handheld gaming.

As of now, this is all just speculation.  However, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that this patent could have been filed now in anticipation for March 2017.  Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure until the Nintendo Direct that finally shows off the system.

What do you think the handheld is for?