Nintendo Direct Coming This Week Focusing on 3DS

E3? Pass. SDCC? Nope. Gamescom? Maybe another time. September’s Nintendo Direct? Not yet. Since the NX‘s inception, Nintendo has played the biggest shell game of video game history. With a brand new “innovative” console set to come out March of 2017, Nintendo has yet to show or give any information on the Nintendo NX.

This Thursday, September 1 at 7am PT/10am ET Nintendo will give us another press conference for the fans.  However, it’ll be entirely 3DS-related.  

While we don’t yet know what games they’ll be discussing, we can assume they’ll use the time to promote their big-name titles coming out.  Titles like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice (September 8), Mario Party Star Rush (November 4), and the brand new pokemon in the Alola region in Pokemon Sun/Moon (November 18).

Barring a change of itinerary, the fact that we’re still waiting for something NX related is supremely disappointing.  We’re just months away from the console arriving next year and Nintendo has done nothing to market it or give us a reason to buy it.  Granted, there is still time for them to unveil and market the heck out of the NX.  However, giving us another Direct just to promote 3DS games when you have something bigger in the works seems like a waste.

You can check out Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, featuring all the 3DS news you could ever want, at 7am PT/10am ET with the link above.

What do you think about the 3DS-skewed Nintendo Direct?