Nintendo Gives a New Retailer A Golden Opportunity to Sell Exclusive Amiibo

I know that I was taken aback when I heard that some marketing materials from Walmart had leaked a few weeks ago that revealed that they had been chosen to exclusively sell the Gold Mario Amiibo, but now Nintendo has finally come out and confirmed it with some new details about the third variation of our loveable Nintendo plumber.

As it turns out, Nintendo is releasing the Gold Edition Mario Amiibo on March 20th alongside the highly anticipated Mario Party 10. There is another Mario Amiibo figure launching on March 20th as well, but that figure is exclusive to a limited edition bundle that includes the game and the newest Mario figure. It has been confirmed that the Gold Mario will only launch in 3,000 Walmarts around the country and will retail at a lowered price of $12.96.

The new Gold Mario Amiibo will be compatible with multiple games that support Amiibo, including Mario Party 10 and Super Smash Bros.  for both the WiiU and 3DS. The newest feature will be in Mario Party 10 where he will unlock a new Party mode that is only available to players who utilize the Amiibo functionality to bring the characters into the game as board pieces.

 I wonder if we will see a “Gold Mario” Amiibo card that will have different uses than the other two iterations of Mario figures being launched? Only time will tell. 

Nintendo also revelaed a snapshot of the Mario Part 10 that will house the second limited edition Mario Amiibo.