Nintendo Is About To Change Youtube And I Dont Like It


Instead of being the good guy in the mess, Nintendo is straight up not allowing any of their games to be posted on Youtube. They claim copyright infringement on any video that uses their games and has ads posted with them. When this first started Nintendo was pushing strikes and not allowing content at all. They have changed that ever so slightly though, and it isn’t a good thing.

Nintendo went through stages. The first being they “allowed” the content, but removed the ads and put their own Nintendo based ads there. The next step in the process is them “splitting the revenue” with Youtube and themselves. Currently Nintendo will allow videos to be posted, but it will be found by them and the ads will be replaced by Nintendo ads and revenue will be split between Youtube and Nintendo.

Yet according to Nintendo, more active users that want more will need to join a future affiliate program. Basically Lets-Play users will need to request permission from Nintendo to use content, and then share their revenue with Nintendo.

Translations from Gamasutra quote: “”In addition, for those who wish to use the material more proactively, we are preparing an affiliate program in which a portion of the advertising profit is given to the creator. Details about this affiliate program will be announced in the future.”

In a way I’m glad Nintendo is at least working with people, but with this idea in place I kind of wish they just stayed away. Basically by putting their hand in the pie, they will allow every single other publisher and console maker to also put their hand in the pie. We all know music publishers will jump right on this wagon as soon as they can.

Now there are two sides of this argument. The obvious one being “it’s Nintendo’s property, they do what they want with it.” Yes, technically you are using Nintendo’s games and they have a right to strip them away from you at any time. Doesn’t mean they should.

My argument is that “lets-play” videos and streaming content is actually free advertising for them! Why do we think Sony and Microsoft made this a big key feature in their new consoles? People like to see gameplay or watch what these guys are playing before buying new games. Now we are also talking about people that make substantial amounts of money. Those people are the ones that sell games. If we see a major Let-player go check out a new game, all their followers will go check it out too. Especially if it is online and people can play with them.

Getting to a point of making a substantial amount of money is not easy. They have to put in a lot of effort editing, being entertaining, and gaining those viewers in some way. They are not simply getting a game, playing it from beginning to end, and doing nothing but recording it. They are not taking credit for making the games in any way, but they are putting in effort to make FREE ADVERTISING for it. If anything, they should be the ones asking for a cut in sales based on clicks from their videos.

To be fair, I don’t think either side is free of charge on guilt here. The problem is both sides are to the extreme of themselves, and neither side is stepping in the middle ground. In my opinion Nintendo should have worked out a system to make the games more accessible from the videos. Maybe force them to list the Nintendo store, or GameStop, and push sales for the game before the video starts. If that didn’t work, or not enough clicks are coming through, then Nintendo sticks their hand in the pie.

I guess my overall problem with this isn’t entirely Nintendo, it’s the idea. With them doing this, others will come and we all know it. There is money growing, and more people want “their share” of it. It’s a matter of what side you take. So we ask you, do you think revenue splitting is fair to popular lets-play videos?