Nintendo is Bringing DS Games to the Wii U Virtual Console

Details are scant right now, and there’s no real time frame for when we might finally see this…but it’s happening.  Since the Wii U was first unveiled, with it’s secondary touch screen, one of the first uses gamers could see for it, was the chance to bring their DS games onto the bigger console.  I mean, it makes perfect sense given that the Wii U gives you a total of two screens, one of which is touch enabled; just like the DS.  

Last night, the Nintendo brass announced they have finally overcome the technical hurdles that were preventing them from bringing DS games to the console previously, meaning it can finally become a reality.  Sadly, there’s no telling when it might, happen and they’ve only showed this one screenshot of Brain Age being played (though it’s all on the Gamepad screen):

DS on Wii U  

The DS has a vast library of awesome games, so seeing it come to the Virtual Console could be a lot of damn fun, and give people the chance to play some games they may have missed out on.  Other improvements to the console are coming, like fast load times and tech to use the Gamepad with toys to unlock content (think Skylanders).  Those are set to come out in updates later on in 2014, so hopefully the DS Virtual Console will be right along with it!

Are you guys excited that we will finally get to play some DS games on the Wii U?