Nintendo Japan Files Trademark for Game Boy

Okay I would love to tell you that I am currently enjoying the NES and SNES Classic sadly I’ve never even see one so I can’t even confirm they exist. Now that I’m done pouring that salt, Kotaku is reporting that Nintendo has just filed for a new trademark for Game Boy. Apparently filed on September 15 a Twitter bot sent this out.

Rough translation, Commercial hope 2017-123766] trademark :[ image] classified / applicant: Nintendo Nintendo Co., Ltd. / filing date: 9/15/2017 / :9(home video game machine for program other), 14 (Keychain other), 18 (bag fittings other), 21 (makeup tools other), 25 (clothing etc), 28 (home video-game consoles. 

So is Nintendo looking to take you on a full nostalgia circle? And how long till we reach the current timeline and all this implodes? While I foresee we will have and N64 classic at some point I have to make the argument against the Game Boy and N64 because I believe that these games would do fine playable on a Nintendo DS platform. And I don’t want to see Nintendo fail at these nostalgia consoles in hopes that one day down the road I’ll actually have that NES and SNES classic. There are plenty of still working Game Boys out there and quite a few minis and emulators. While I enjoyed the Game Boy with its non backlit screen and four double A battery feedings every week I don’t think this is going to be one I’m going to want to jump on. I mean there was Pokemon, and the Wind waker, and Tetris. Oh there it is, that love is reawakening. No other word yet but keep it here for when more news develops.

-Jason The X

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