Nintendo NX Launch Date And Plans for E3 2016 Announced

During last night’s Nintendo Earnings Announcement, the higher ups with the long-running video game company gave a few updates regarding a few of its most high profile products, NX and The Legend of Zelda.  

Despite numerous rumors that the next generation console would be shown at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), in June, Nintendo dropped a bombshell stating the contrary.  Officially, the console codenamed “NX” will be shown at a later date this year, with the console actually being released March 2017.

It’s strange that Nintendo would just bypass its big reveal at, arguably, the largest video game trade event of the year.  It can’t be because they haven’t finished the final model.  There’s no way they’d have a release date of March and not have a (mostly) completed product.  Furthermore, it’s weird that we still don’t have an actual name for the device.  They might as well just keep it as NX since that’s what most people know it as.  Plus, it’s a pretty cool title.

Nevertheless, the timetable for later this year is most likely Nintendo just wanting to reveal it on their press conference medium Nintendo Direct.  We’re thinking it’ll be later this summer or early Fall with an open pre-order shortly thereafter.

So, what does this mean for E3 2016?  

As I announced at the top, Nintendo did provide us with an update for next Legend of Zelda game.  It’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen anything for it.  However, Nintendo revealed that they’ve been hard at work on it and they will be showing it during E3.  In fact, they’re tailoring the entire booth to The Legend of Zelda.  Everything from the design to even the games played on the floor will only be The Legend of Zelda on Wii U.  As a member of the two-man crew we’re taking to E3, I’m thrilled for the chance to play it!

Now, the news comes with an understandable downer.  The Legend of Zelda still won’t be available until 2017.  It makes sense since they want to release it with the NX to generate sales.  What did surprise me, though, is that they said it would also be available on Wii U.  In today’s day of selling the newest product, I half-imagined that they would just transition LoZ to be a NX exclusive, in order to generate business.  It’s actually pretty cool that they’re releasing it like that.

The silver lining is that we finally know when we’ll get our hands on the Nintendo “NX” and that we can finally play The Legend of Zelda on Wii U at E3.  Even if how they’re doing all of this is head-scratching.

You know the moment we get our hands on that Wii U controller to play The Legend of Zelda, you’ll be the first to see and hear our reactions so keep it on for all your E3 2016 coverage!

What do you think about NX and Legend of Zelda?