Nintendo Reveals More on Squid-tacular Splatoon

Nintendo has combined elements of shooting, strategy, and action to create the Inklings and their ongoing war with the Octarians. The inklings are part human and part squid, who can change at will in between both of their forms, and you’ll be controlling them in a territory war. The objective will be to cover as much area with your ink-spewing weapons in either four-on-four matches or in the single-player campaign.

The single-player mode will let players use the game’s mechanics to explore the seedy underground base of the games octopi antaonists, the Octarians, that will put the players skills to the test. The game’s main mode is the online Turf War mode. Here, you will compete head to head online with other players and the objective is to cover the map in as much of your colored ink as possible. As you play you will gain online levels and currency, and you can purchase clothes and equip different weapons.

For the first time, Nintendo also revealed a new multiplayer mode called Ranked Battle, which will keep track of your online ranking. Splat Zone is a type of battle in Ranked Battle that will let players try to control the territory of specific areas of the map with their ink blasts. As you play, you will be graded on a scale from “C-“ to “A+,” and your grade will be dynamically updated based of your in-game performance. To unlock Splat Zone you will need to reach Level 10 by playing online, and Splat Zone will not be available at launch. Nintendo is going to wait for a “critical mass” of players to reach level 10 before the game type becomes available.

Nintendo has a way to take the mechanics we love and give it a quirky story, and Splatoon is definitely no exception. The game is set to launch sometime in May!