Nintendo Switch Presentation Scheduled For January

Speaking today to investors, Nintendo noted that an event in January will detail all the specifications of the upcoming Nintendo Switch. The event will be held in January and media, investors, and other parties are being invited to join.

The entire event will be live streamed globally January 12th.

Information we can expect is a launch date, pre-orders, pricing, specifications, and the current line up of games in development.

The US and UK will also get “hands on” events to try out the new unit all across their territories. Other regions will also get announced later. Specific times or places are not yet announced, but we can expect to hear the details at the January event.

The exact timing of the event will be revealed later on the Nintendo social streams. We of course will have the details here on Cinelinx too.

Nintendo recently revealed the Switch (once known as the NX) recently with a pre-made video. You can read our teams initial thoughts here, which brings up questions we hope this new event answers.