Nintendo Switch Release Date and Price Revealed

Spring 2017.  Such a vague date for the release of Nintendo’s brand new mobile console.  Luckily, we wouldn’t be mired in obscurity for too long as Nintendo’s Tokyo Presentation would reveal the specific date for the Nintendo Switch, among other things.

As of March 3, 2017, gamers around the world can get their hands on their Switch for the price of $299.

That’s right, in addition to a release date, Nintendo also announced the price for the Switch.  Many naturally assumed it would be lower than the initial price of Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.  The assumption seemed justified considering how Nintendo was a little late to enter the console battlefield.

The price of $299 is a completely sensable price, considering how much the current PS4 and Xbox One price is.  Any higher and most consumers may not have felt the need to pay more for a console that is a little limited, compared to the other two, in terms of 4k. 

What do you think about the price?  Does it sway you to buy a Nintendo Switch?