No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Update Looks Like the Game You Originally Hoped For

No Man’s Sky had something of a rough launch.  Okay, super rough.  Fans were disappointed with the game, feeling they’d been promised something so much more than what was delivered.  In some ways, they weren’t wrong.  There were expectations for the game based ont he developer’s statements that simply weren’t present.  Even so, I enjoyed the game for what it was, and have continued to explore the galaxy off and on throughout the past year, especially after the previous update that added a bunch of great features. 

Today, making the year anniversary of the game’s launch, the developers have launched the Atlas Rises update.  This is a massive addition to the game, bringing better graphics, a simple (super simple) multiplayer aspect, and more 30 hours of new story content!  On top of all that, there are new ways to travel back and forth between planets, you can scavenger crashed freighters on planets, space combat has been improved, and (FINALLY!) we’re getting low altitude flying.  

As you can see from the trailer, Atlas Rises adds in way more to the game than I’ve listed here and looks closer to being exactly what fans were hoping to get upon its original release.  Say what you will about the rocky launch, but there’s no denying that the devs have worked hard to improve the game and experience for players.  

With all the new stuff in Atlas Rises (which is now available), it seems like a great time to jump back in.