No Man’s Sky Is Finally Releasing in June (Hopefully)

The fact that I’m not playing No Man’s Sky right now, at this very moment, is very sad to me.  The game has impressed since it’s initial reveal, and every new trailer has continued to make it look amazing.  The vast universe you can explore and interact with is intriguing, along with the space fighting and resource gathering.  At one point, it was supposed to release in 2015.  Sadly, that never happened, and the game was given a nebulous 2016 timeframe.  Today has narrowed that down even more.  

At Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week, another new trailer for No Man’s Sky was released, showing off combat on the ground, as well as new gameplay elements.  More importantly, the end of the trailer revealed the game is coming in June: 

I’m kinda of bummed that we still don’t have a firm release date.  Being a release month makes it all too easy to change once again and push back.  Hopefully, they’ll stick with June 2016, however, so that gamers can finally get their hands on it.  What do you guys think?