No Map Voting In Halo 5 Guardians

343 Studios Josh Holmes was asked via Twitter if there would be any sort of map voting, or veto, between matches. 

“No voting or veto,” came the reply, “just straight rotation”.

That means that whatever map pops up is what everyone will be playing. There has been no official reasoning for it, but we can look at both sides of the argument here.

On one side it helps prevent burn out of the same maps being rotated constantly. Fan favorite maps are returning, and some other maps are sure to be better than others, and with a voting system that means we constantly get stuck in them. For example bigger battles over several modes, but constantly being stuck to one map in Slayer gets old fast.

On the flip side is the fact people can leave. As soon as the unfriendly map pops up the lobby can clear as people go search for something better. This too can get old as the game will take a bit longer to actually start. Or worse, it will start nearly empty and leave some players out to dry.

That being said, we think map voting is just common practice that seems almost as a sure thing, but it’s nice to see a change up thrown in there. What do you think of the removal of map voting?