Oddworld Soulstorm Gameplay Trailer Released

Oddworld Inhabitants‘ upcoming game, Oddworld: Soulstorm just got an amazing first teaser trailer! Unlike the cinematic teaser released earlier this year at the Unity Keynote event, this trailer includes exciting snippets of gameplay! Keep reading to watch the trailer and more!Long awaited by Oddworld fans, Oddworld: Soulstorm is a game that quickly grew in scope and has been pushed back in the effort to release something truly special. While Oddworld released a ground-up remake of their first game (Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee) in 2014 titled Oddworld: New N Tasty, Soulstorm will be the first original game the company has created since Stranger’s Wrath in 2005. I, like every Oddworld fan, have waited for this moment since then, and I’m so excited to share this trailer with you!

At first glance, it looks a lot like New N Tasty, which also featured 3D graphics played on a 2D plane. But having been a fan since the originals, I can see every little new detail and mechanic and it’s the sweetest eye candy. There seems to be a bigger sense of depth on display, with Abe (the main protagonist for most of the series) and his followers turning into the level and the camera shifting with them. This wasn’t something New N Tasty had, but I think doing so will make for a much more immersive environment.

The second thing I noticed was a crate being used to break through multiple floors, possibly opening a larger section to explore. Dynamic environments feel super fitting, as Abe and his followers move toward taking down the factories that enslave them. You’re literally tearing down the establishment! It’s an element of the Oddworld series that has been (for the most part) held off as the literal fireworks at the end of their other games. I hope this feature is used in all sorts of new puzzles, and I could see it coming in handy for discovering secret areas.

However, possibly the most striking feature I’ve seen from this trailer is the moment where a follower chucks a molotov at an enemy. I’m surprised that it isn’t done by Abe, but I’m even more surprised that this feature exists in the first place. Throughout the series, Abe has always been unable to effectively fight enemies head-on. In one way, I think this furthers the feeling of desperation the slaves have for their situation. It seems to me that it makes sense for them to take out enemies in their escape. But on the other hand, Oddworld has always been very puzzle and stealth driven as a result of having little to no way of dealing with enemies. My hope is that stealth isn’t put on a backburner, and I think they could do this easily by limiting materials that you receive.

“Abe is back after 15 million games sold,” and I couldn’t be more enthralled that my favorite series is getting a new installment. I cannot wait for early 2020 to see what Oddworld has brewed up!