Gaming for Charity

One of the things I enjoy about being a part of the gamer community is that for the most part, we’re a caring group of people.  When others need help, gamers can step up and give the assistance needed.  I like to encourage these sort of things, and thus I’m presenting you with something I was emailed earlier this week about an upcoming charity fundraiser with gamers involved!

The gamer guys over at Iron Man Mode are going to be playing games in order to help raise money for the big video game charity, Child’s Play.  Sure, others have done this before, but the twist this time around is that whatever game they’re playing, they only get one shot.  Meaning once they die the blog and the game is over.  No more.

Obviously these men are far braver than I, because I’m just not that confident in my own gaming skills.  But I say more power to them, especially considering that 100% of the money they raise will go to Child’s Play and not their own pockets.

They’re already more than half-way to their original goal, so if you want to help them out, or just check in on their progress as they go, be sure to head on over to their main site.