Official Story Trailer Released for Upcoming Video Game ‘Redfall’

The official story trailer has been released for the upcoming video game Redfall and it promises a dark and twisted story.

With Redfall arriving in less than two months, the official story trailer has been released for the game and it promises a dark and twisted adventure filled with blood and vampires, lots of vampires. Redfall will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2, 2023. Players can pre-order now or play day one with Game Pass.

Check out the story trailer below if you dared (be advised: some of the content is graphic):

Who are the Vampire Gods? Where do they come from? And why are they terrorizing the once-sleepy island town of Redfall, Massachusetts? Discover this and more in a creepy new trailer for the upcoming open world, story-driven shooter from Arkane Austin.

In this story-focused trailer, we delve deep into the darkness of Aevum Therapeutics and the sinister experiments taking place there that has turned this quaint fishing town upside down. Either playing alone or together with up to three friends, it’s up to you to bring the fight to Aevum and ultimately take back Redfall from the evil terrorizing it.

What do you think of the official story trailer for Redfall?


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