Older 3DS Systems Getting External Amiibo Support Soon

The new 3DS has released to some pretty strong numbers, and is actually outselling the 3DS XL currently, but with it came some new features. One of those new features was Amiibo support built right in and some older 3DS owners were curious if the support would ever come to them. The answer is yes, at least in Japan.

Nintendo announced that the “external device” will release this summer in Japan.

“Even though only Wii U has been compatible with Amiibo so far, we are making steady progress on compatibility with the Nintendo 3DS platform,” Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata said during the meeting. “New Nintendo 3DS is equipped with NFC as a standard feature. For existing Nintendo 3DS systems, we will release an external NFC reader/writer in summer this year.”

The Ammiibo figures are little DLC style add ons to Nintendo games that unlock special things within games. Super Smash Bros recieved support the same day as the new 3DS released last week. More features are to come along with more support, so it’s a good sign that all 3DS users will get to join in on the fun.

There is currently no confirmation of when the external device will hit other regions or how much it will cost.