One Of Gaming’s Biggest Myths Has Been Confirmed

The myth goes as this. Atari made the game in the matter of weeks, so it was terrible. They released the game to grab the attention of ET fans and did so somewhat succesfully as it sold a million units rather fast. Yet people that did buy the game noted it had terrible gameplay, graphics, and absolutely no depth to it at all. Thus people quit buying it and Atari had a massive backlog of it to get rid of. 

What did they do? They supposedly buried them all in a landfill to make them all vanish and keep the company from going bankrupt. Microsoft Studios and Lightbox Entertainment set out to find out if this was true in a new documentary. 

The date to start digging for treasure was this morning, and guess what? They found some! It wasn’t the large group like expected, but the group confirmed to have found at least one ET cartridge among several other Atari 2600 games. Major Nelson of Microsoft has been posting pictures of it on his Twitter.

A lot of the games were found still in their retail wrapper, which could prove Atari dumped the games. My question is, when will these hit Ebay? They have to be worth something at this point.