Online Co-Op Dino Shooter Second Extinction is Heading to Steam Early Access

Systemic Reaction, a creative division of Avalanche Studios Group, announced today the online cooperative dinosaur shooter Second Extinction is set to launch on Steam Early Access in October.

Second Extinction pits three players together in a fast-paced battles aimed at reclaiming the frozen Earth from mutant dinosaurs.

“Fight side by side with your friends with a wide range of powerful weapons against beastly predators long thought extinct — now mutated and deadlier than ever! The War Effort is Second Extinction’s global metagame: by slaying dinos, completing missions and more, players will determine the kinds of enemies, activities, challenges and rewards they’ll face in different regions around the world,” developers said.

Players who take part in Early Access will start on Day One with four heroes, 10 weapons with five upgrade tiers, and six missions across seven different regions. Developers said players can expect updates that will include loadout modifiers that provide party buffs, armor augments, timed game modes including a horde mode, at least one mutation and related effects and more.

The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer featuring a time-lapse of the cover art of the game, illustrated by Tom duBois.

“Tom’s work for Konami defined the action game genre of the ’90s, and his Second Extinction artwork captures the spirit of the era as characters Ortega and Amir make a great escape from the claws of death,” developers said in a press release.

“What helped fuel me creatively? That’s easy! Badass characters! Mind boggling creativity! It gave me so much ‘go juice,’ I wanted to honor the designers by being as loyal as possible to the characters. The process is a constant back and forth between revising, correcting, and fine tuning until it just feels right. It never comes easy, and it’s a battle from start to finish,” said Tom duBois.

Second Extinction is going to launch on Steam Early Access on Oct. 13 for $24.99. The game is also in development for the Xbox Series X and Xbox One.