Ooblets Looks Like the Farming/Monster Collecting Game We Need

For some reason I can’t begin to explain, farming simulators are my jam.  Seriously, I can’t get enough of them and when a new one comes along to try and change up the formula or add some new things, I’m definitely interested.  Along comes Ooblets, which presents itself as a mash-up of Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and a dash of Animal Crossing.  So it’s exactly the kind of game I need in my life. 



In Ooblets, you’ll manage a farm, explore a bunch of weird places, find wild Ooblets, battle other ooblet trainers, collect all sorts of stuff, and even manage a little shop. It’s been likened to Pokémon smushed into Harvest Moon and stirred up with some Animal Crossing.

Battles are turn-based with a lot of team mechanics. Are you going to stack your team with quick attack ooblets or balance things out with healer and defense type ooblets? Who knows!

More impressive, it’s coming from Glumberland, a two-person dev team consisting of Rebecca Cordingley and Benjamin Wasser.  I love the idea behind it, as I’m always down for Pokemon style collecting/battling and harvesting crops.  Couple that with some more RPG elements (the Animal Crossing portion) and I’m eager to see how it all plays out.  

Sadly, Ooblets isn’t expected to launch until next year, with the help of Double Fine, but it will have a playable version available at GDC next week.