Original RTS Game, Herzog Zwei, Arrives on Nintendo Switch

The game that defined the entire real-time strategy genre, Herzog Zwei, has joined the SEGA Ages collection on Nintendo Switch.

Fans of the RTS genre will now get the chance to play some history, as the title that created the genre is now available on the Nintendo Switch. The SEGA Ages remaster brings save states, online play, and more to the classic title for only $8!

In Herzog Zwei, each of the eight featured maps will require strategy and planning to beat your opponent as you issue commands and take over Outposts to best your foe. You will protect your base and accumulate units to expand and achieve ultimate victory. Command a special mech unit to leverage and order around combat units, and most importantly, make sure to keep a keen eye on resources like “Energy” so you can be combat-ready at all times!

What’s New?!

With a variety of new improvements and features on the Nintendo Switch, now is the time to suit up and take control of the battlefield. The new improvements to SEGA AGES Herzog Zwei include:

Sharpen Your Skills with an all new in-depth interactive tutorial mode
Pit Your Skills Against a Friend in new online 2-player action, in addition to split-screen support from the original!
No More Level Passwords thanks to new save state functionality
Customize Difficulty to your skill level with the new “Helper mode”
Get Strategic with new Weapon and Unit tables for easy reference
Relive the Most Heated Moments with new Save replays
Customize Your Game with a variety of screen options and wallpapers

Will you be downloading this on the Switch today?