Outriders Getting New Major Story And Endgame Expansion Soon

Outriders might be flying under the radar for some, but I personally am enjoying it. This summer will be a new reason to jump right in with a new major expansion.

Outriders Worldslayer is a new expansion coming to Outriders this summer which will include a new story campaign, new endgame content, and a ton of new weapons.

The new content already looks cool as the map is covered in snow and frosted mountains. The story for the campaign revolves around Ereshkigal, a human plotting her path for humankind to survive on Enoch.

The new expansion adds content in every area of the game including new weapons, armor, new zones, and new enemies with enemy variants. The expansion also adds new 5 piece legendary armor sets for every category. This adds up to over 100 new legendary pieces in the expansion.

The expansion will also include a “level 30” boost for new players or characters. The boost will bring a character to level 30 so you can jump right into the new content with a new character, and it works as many times as you would like. Current players can of course bring their powerful characters over to the new content with no issue.

The expansion also brings a new Power of the PAX skill tree that attaches to all 4 current skill classes, and a new Ascension tree that is unlocked after level 30. After level 30, all points go into Ascension where players can level up perks like Endurance, Anomality, and Brutality. People Can Fly, the developers of Outriders, noted these new skill trees add hundreds of hours of potential gameplay for everyone.

If that wasn’t enough, the expansion also brings a new endgame system called Apocalypse Tiers, where you can unluck Apocalypse gear which will add a 3rd mod slot to gear. These tiers are harder to accomplish than the current Challenge Tiers. There will also be an Endgame mode titled Trial of Tarya Gratar, but nothing much has been stated about it.

The new expansion releases June 30th. Current players will have the option to upgrade their game with the expansion, while new players will get an all-in-one option that includes the base game and expansion.

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