Overwatch 2 Includes Long-Awaited Story Missions, New Modes, and a New Hero

Overwatch 2 has finally been confirmed at BlizzCon 2019! The sequel brings story missions, a new hero, and some fascinating new modes. Let’s dive in.

BlizzCon 2019 is in full swing and with it brings confirmation of a rumor we reported earlier this week, Overwatch 2 is coming. During the BlizzCon 2019 opening ceremony, the sequel was confirmed. Afterward, Game Director Jeff Kaplan and Assistant Director Aaron Keller took the stage to debut more, including a cinematic story trailer and a gameplay trailer.

Take a look:

Kaplan and co. explained that Overwatch 2 would include several nuances the first Overwatch game didn’t include. For instance, Overwatch 2 will finally see the addition of Story Missions. These missions will be purely PvE, with players only able to select certain Overwatch characters. They’ll also feature cinematic intros and outros. Finally, a story mode for Overwatch.

Adding to the PvE experience will be Hero Missions , which are said to be “Deeply Replayable” with varied locations, different objectives, and randomized enemies. It’ll also require a bit of strategy to use characters outside of a player’s main.

Furthermore, the PvE game modes will also include a “Talent System” that will add new skills to the characters of your choosing. These skills will be exclusive to PvE modes and will not transfer to any PvP game modes. What will be transferred over, however, will be any skins earned from Overwatch 1.

Fans of the Overwatch PvP experience need not feel dejected, though. Kaplan confirmed that there will be a bevy of new matchmaking games and maps for gamers to experience. The first new mode is called “Push” where a massive robot pushes a cache in a certain direction. The opponents try to close in from either side to stop its movement. As for the maps, they’ve confirmed the locations of Gothenburg, Toronto, Monte Carlo,  and Rio de Janeiro.

Finally, Kaplan & co. used this platform to announce a new character, Sojourn. It’s said that she will have a big part to play in the events of the Overwatch 2 story mission. She’s also the first Canadian hero to join the ranks.

As more news surrounding Overwatch 2 is revealed, we’ll have it here on Cinelinx.