Overwatch Gets New Novel Deadlock Rebels

If you’re a fan of Overwatch lore, like myself, you might want to check out a new novel that follows Ashe in the Wild West.

The new novel follows Ashe as she loses her access to a family fortune and seeks to get it back. On this adventure we learn how she teams up with her robot butler B.O.B and eventually works alongside McCree to do some crazy heists together. The story dwelves into the bond of both (well all three) characters.

This is super interesting as basic lore for the characters is very well intertwined between the characters as-is. Diving into what the rival gang characters led them to work together and eventually be a part of Overwatch sounds thrilling.

“When Ashe is arrested yet again on the morning of her high school graduation, her aloof, old-money parents decide to disinherit her from the family fortune. To steal back what’s rightfully hers, Ashe teams up with her omnic butler, B.O.B., and local ruffian Jesse McCree for a series of heists, catapulting the trio into a game of fast money and dangerous alliances. Along the way, Ashe discovers that family isn’t just about blood. It’s about the people who’ve got your back when your back’s against the wall.”

You can check out more and where to buy the novel here.

This is the second book in the novel Overwatch series, the first one being The Hero of Numbani. This book followed Orisa diving into the Omnic crisis a bit more. You can find that book here.