Overwatch Updates Are Coming

Blizzard posted the developer update you see above and told us that some changes are indeed coming to the game. Blizzard mentions that the update is just to let fans know what the team is working on. Not everything will release “soon” and some things might not release at all.

The video starts off with a lot of updates on tweaks coming to the gameplay. There are a lot of weapon and character balances coming, and Blizzard is looking at how players play (or don’t play) to see how they will adjust everything.

One interesting note is that he talks about the team being “very far into development” for a project, which is likely the long awaited “Sombra” character and content. The content has been hinted at for months now by Blizzard and fans have been digging up the details, but there is still no word on when they will release the character. The video does a good job of avoiding direct mentions of it.

Also mentioned is two maps, one nearing release, and one further out. Both maps are for current game modes, while additional game modes are in the works. With the new game modes will also be 4 new maps if they all make it to release.

There are a lot of additional smaller details that are talked about, so if you are interested in hearing the minor tweaks coming to the game you can watch the video or visit the official blog.