Own The Art Of Doom This Spring


Doom 4 01 1434603744231Now it won’t be just straight art of course. Progressive sketches, commentary for the devs and unused shots will also be in it. One thing that it will illustrate is, the weaponry. If you’ve seen some of the gun designs for this game, you’ll understand why I’m excited. Now I will argue that maybe this could have been included in the collector’s edition but the fact that it’s available this March kinda shuts me up.  Now there’s a regular hardcover edition that’ll be for sale for $40.00 and a limited edition for $75.00 which will have metallic paper (yeah I don’t know what that is either) fully printed slipcase and a redemption code for a digital edition and a lot more. You can preorder both at www.store.bethsoft.com. Or try to pick it up at your local comic shop. 184 pages of art is nothing to scoff at either so it kinda feels worth it.

-Jason The X


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