PC Gaming Show On Schedule for June 6

Screen capture from 2019 PC Gaming Show livestream

The annual PC Gaming Show, which usually airs during E3 each June, is still set to take place “alongside other gaming presentations as part of a larger day of programming on Twitch and other platforms,” PC Gamer said on Friday.

The livestream will showcase new games, never-before-seen gameplay footage and announcements from the PC game development community on June 6.

“The PC remains an extraordinary, vibrant gaming medium, and in the absence of a conventional E3 expo in 2020, the goal of the PC Gaming Show remains unchanged: Spotlight the most exciting projects, and provide a platform that celebrates PC gaming in general,” PC Gamer wrote.

Earlier this month, the Entertainment Software Association announced that plans for an E3 “online experience” was scrapped, but that there is a plan to work with individual companies on showcases instead.

At the end of March, IGN announced the Summer of Gaming digital event set for June. IGN revealed collaborations with 2K, Square Enix, SEGA, Bandai Namco, Devolver Digital, THQ Nordic, Amazon, Google Stadia, Twitter and more.

PC Gamer did not announce what companies are participating in the event quite yet, but that details “will follow shortly.”

On April 14, PC Gamer opened submissions for game developers to submit projects for the showcase.

Watch the 2019 show here: