PES May Be Last AAA Franchise With Konami

There are numerious reports that various staff have left Konami recently, or that the company wide restructure is indeed taking effect.

According to Rika Muranaka, a music composer that has worked on projects such as Castlevania and Metal Gear, all projects have ceased production. She notes that is is “sad” that she “can’t writer music for anymore AAA games.” She also noted that she has to find a new AAA studio to work with via Twitter.

That is not all though, lead engineer on the Fox Engine which was used for the new MGSV and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) also left the studio recently. It was noted that it could be due to usual staff leaving when a project is finished, but the news doesn’t stop there.

Reports confirmed by Eurogamer state that Konami in-fact has an entirely blank slate for AAA titles. The only hope is PES because the developers have spoken up recently by stating they hope the franchise competes with EA’s FIFA real soon. Konami also gained rights to Euro 2016, a foortball (soccer) tournament and are expected to use the rights.

This whole deal dates back to early reports of Kojima leaving Konami after MGSV released. With this report came releases of several employees talking about Konami putting workers to mundane tasks, making work conditions harsh, and removing Kojima’s name from all studio work. Most of Kojima’s staff has also left.

The question is how this contradicts earlier reports of Konami looking for talent for an “upcoming Metal Gear project.” Many assumed this meant Konami was continuing the series after Kojima, but it seems they are perhaps just using the license for a mobile title. At this point it is rather unclear, but Konami has stated that they plan to become “more mobile focused” which is sad news for all gamers.