Petition For New American McGee Alice Game Passes 15k

A single person has started a petition to tell EA to let American McGee continue his Alice adventures. You can sign the petition yourself and check out the number climbing higher on the petition page. At the time of writing this the petition was sitting at 15,500 signatures.

The petition has picked up so much traction that even American McGee has posted about it on Twitter, stating –

“Doubt this will change any minds at EA, but what the hell,” tweets McGee, “sign the petition for a new Alice game!”

We have obviously been in support of this happening for some time now. We wrote great review of Alice: Madness Returns back when we were another website, and of course rumors of a 3rd Alice title came about and we voiced our support back then too.

For those that don’t know, EA owns the rights to Alice In Wonderland and American McGee’s version of it. A few years ago, American McGee tried to branch off into the mobile world and even open a Kickstarter funded game titled Ozombie, which was in the world of Wizard of Oz.

There is some slight hope in this because a new movie Alice: Through The Looking Glass was shown off at D23 and is coming out soon. So perhaps EA will see that and once again try to connect their Alice games with the timing of the movie.

The question is that if we do succeed and get the game approved at EA, where would it go? American McGee has recently been vocal about mobile games   stating how that is the future, beyond consoles. I may speak for many fans that would say it would be a total disapointment if the next Alice title didn’t hit consoles and went mobile instead.