Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier Gets Special Physical Edition This Week

The gaming crew over on Limited Run Games have announced a new special edition release this week for Planet of the Apes fans to take advantage of. 

Back in 2017, the first Planet of the Apes video game since the early 2000s released with Last Frontier. Headed up by Andy Serkis himself, the cinematic game put you in the shoes of both man and ape in a story set between two of the new films. Much Telltale games, most of the “gameplay” was decision based and the choices you made affected the overall story and characters.

It was….Okay. It wasn’t bad, and looked pretty impressive, but it wasn’t the Planet of the Apes game I’d been wanting (check out my full review). Even so, many fans seemed to enjoy it and now, Limited Run Games is giving us the chance to own a swanky limited edition physical copy this week:

You’ll be able to pick up the Limited Run release this Friday, September 13th at 10am & 6pm ET.