Play The COD Black Ops Cold War Beta Thursday By Pre-Ordering The Game Now

After the recent release of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Alpha, my fellow writer Dustin and I shared our thoughts and disagreements and you can see that all right here! With that said, a new hype trailer was dropped yesterday to get us excited for the upcoming beta, but there is a catch!

The Beta goes live for all PS4 users this Saturday, but if preorder the game now you can play it as early as Thursday. Thats right, the beta will go live for those who have pre-ordered their copy of the game for PS4.

The beta will be going live on October 15th for Xbox and PC users that preordered that game and become fully available for all users on October 19th. So, although PS4 users get to double-dip and play the open beta twice, it is still exciting that we will be able to have a fully cross playable beta, so we can connect across platforms and play with friends no matter the console. Check back soon for our impressions of the beta, right here at Cinelinx!