Play the Seminal RTS Game (Dune II) for Free in Your Browser

I love RTS games, and I love the Dune series of games.  I talked about it at length in my Game Franchises The Deserve a Reboot column.  Dune II is a game that introduced all of the modern norms in the RTS genre and dammit…it’s still fun to play (at least I think so).  Sure, the graphics are beyond crude at this point, but it’s a landmark game that many haven’t had the chance to play yet.

If you never got the opportunity, or you need a good way to kill a whole bunch of time, Dune II is now playable for free online.  So you can duel it out between Houses on your browser at work…er I mean, in your spare time.  I highly recommend picking it up, if only for a little bit. 

Thanks to Prosthetic Knowledge for pointing this out.