PlayStation 4 Out Pacing Xbox One Pre-Orders

So far it seems Sony has done really well with announcing the PlayStation 4. Microsoft is still in defensive phase with the Xbox One and its capabilities, but people are still excited for the device either way. Both are seeing pretty good pre-order numbers, but Sony is seeing something big.

According to recent numbers, by midway through E3 PlayStation 4 was out pacing the Xbox One in pre-orders by 3-2. That would mean for every two Xbox One consoles that have been pre-ordered there have been 3 PlayStation 4 consoles pre-ordered. Not a huge margin just yet, but this is in NA where the Xbox 360 is very dominant over the PS3. PlayStation is a loved brand in other regions.

Taking matters further, Amazon has “sold out” of “launch day” PS4 pre-orders, but is currently offering bundles to go along side it. Almost every bundle fro the PS4 is listed in the top 20 list of Amazon’s gaming section. The Xbox One currently has one package that is number 2 (or 3, depending on the time of day) on Amazon’s list, and still has launch day availible. My local GameStops also have launch day units for both consoles.

During an IGN survey about “who won E3,” over 280,000 people responded and Sony won by a landslide of 80 percent. However we want to hear from you guys! Are you excited for one console over the other, or will you be buying both? Both offer their perks, and both seem exciting in their own ways. Sony struggled early on this generation, so for all we know, all this “bad news” could turn out to be good for Microsoft.