Playstation and Xbox to Host Livestream Game Reveals Only a Day Apart

 Playstation has announced it will host a livestream event called “State of Play”  that will feature new PS4 games ranging from first party titles, indie games, and VR titles. The stream will start at March 25th at 2 p.m. PST and will be brodcasted on the Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube channel…but they wont be the only ones streaming new games next week.

Xbox announced they will host an [email protected] stream March 26 at 9 AM PST and will mainly feature Indie titles coming to Xbox Game Pass and possibly some suprise titles as well. This is fun to see this type of competative marketing being done, espically since Sony has decided to skip E3 2019 completly and Xbox is said to have the “Biggest E3” they have ever done. 

We at Cinelinx are super excited to see what Playstation and Xbox have to offer, but what about you? Comment below and tell us what you would like to see from the State of Play and [email protected] Event this coming week!