PlayStation Home Closure Extends To U.S. and Canada

Sony is a big company so they make big decisions. Such as creating a somewhat Second Life style social platform that never really took off, and then shutting it down. When PlayStation Home wasn’t branched over to the PS4 we all knew it would happen. PlayStation Home will cease to exist starting March 2015.

We previously reported that the Asia regions of PlayStation Home were shutting down in March, but NA (North America) was safe from it for the time being. Today Sony confirmed that NA is indeed included. Both US and Canada servers will be shut down, and we expect to hear EU regions shutting down soon too.

November 12th will be the last content update and users can keep buying and downloading content through December. From there all content will be locked, but servers will remain live until March. Sony noted some free content will be provided to players at some point during the time frame.

The service opened in December 2009 and seemed to be making Sony a lot of marketing money. The service hosted life E3 events including digital versions of the show floor and live press conferences in the theater. Though thing never really worked as planned. PlayStation Home wasn’t as massive as expected, but had a steady fanbase that kept it going. Sony even had weekly PlayStation Home updates for the fans.