PlayStation Mobile Shutting Down Entirely By September 10th

PlayStation Mobile was revealed back in 2012 and it was a service that had many faces from Sony. For starters, it was a quick indie approach to mobile. They provided the SDK and quick approval, with little fee’s.  Sony was supporting indie developers for small games to be ported to all of their gadgets, including the Vita and tablets. That was the second face, it was a service approved by Sony and it utilized their own SDK, which meant any device stamped with “approved for PlayStation Mobile” would play the games. It was an attempt to stop good gadgets from being out-dated by a new generation of gadgets. It was a good idea because having a phone with more power than a PSP, yet not capable of playing a new PSP style title was getting old fast!

Yet it is all coming to an end. Sony announced that no new apps or purchases will be allowed after July 2015. Users can then continue to “re-download” any purchased content until September of 2015. After that the service will not be around at all for anything.

You can download apps right now and keep them past that date, but you need to go through a process on your Vita or mobile phone to “activate” it. For Vita users you simply need to go to [Settings] > [PSN] > [System Activation] > [PlayStation Mobile] > [Activate] > [OK]. For mobile users, simply go into PlayStation Mobile and run an app before September. Any users that don’t do this will no longer be able to access their content after September 10th.

Overall this shut down really hits home in many areas. For starters, this is why digital content is so scary. Any service can go belly up at any time, and trust me Sony has been here before. Sony has shut down probably 3 digital music services in the past ten years, and you lose all that content with each shut down. Now we are losing a rather small game platform, but it is still a fear that this idea could spread to something larger. All content… just gone!

Plus this is a running record with Sony that is scaring a few consumers regarding their VR dreams. PlayStation Mobile was not terrible, but it was never really supported. Even on Vita the section of the store was seperate from everything, and some prices were absurd. Yet going beyond that, the idea came about because of gadgets like the Xperia Play (A PlayStation inspired phone). The phone was super awesome for gamers, yet had a shelf life of less than a year. I know…. I had one. It’s great ideas like this that have huge amounts of potential, but simply fly under the radar and never gain support. Thus we see it slowly decline before Sony heads say “okay, it’s not working.”

I guess you can blame PlayStation Now for PlayStation Mobile’s decline? What do you think?