PlayStation Plus Discounts for February 2015


cinelinx yakuza4 banner

Explore Tokyo, experience the underground world through the eyes of four men in Yakuza 4.

cinelinx thief banner

As Garrett, the Master Thief you are unrivaled amongst men. Use your skills in challenging heists, gain access to inaccessible loot.  Nothing is out of your reach in Thief.



cinelinx transistor banner

Immerse yourself in the sci-fi RPG called Transistor where you wield an extraordinary weapon you battle through a beautiful futuristic city.

cinelinx apotheon banner

Olympus has given up on humanity and it is your job to take their powers for yourself to ensure survival in Apotheon.


PS Vita

cinelinx roguelegacy banner

You die, but with each death your line grows stronger, unique traits make every pass-through different in Rogue Legacy.  Rogue Legacy is a cross-buy with PS Vita, PS3, and PS4.

cinelinx kick-and-fennick banner

Help our protagonists get a new energy core for Fennick in Kick & Fennick.