PlayStation VR 2 Gets See Through View, Broadcasting, and Room Boundaries Support

Sony announced via the PlayStation Blog an assortment of new features coming to the PSVR2.

PSVR2 is sounding more and more interesting every time we get a new update, and today Sony revealed some of the new user interface features. One of the biggest new features is a “see through view” for the headset which utilizes the outer cameras to allow you to see a live feed of the room around you.

By pressing the selected card in the headset, or by pressing a button on the headset itself, the view will open up to allow you to see your surroundings. It’s noted that the cameras cannot be used to record and are simply there for this feature. The card also brings up several adjustments for your playing area as well, including a new customized play area feature. This feature allows the headset to scan your surround area and lets you customize a boundary around yourself. If you end up roaming around the area and come near the boundary then the headset will alert you and ask you to step away.

Another nifty new feature is a broadcast option that works with the PS5 HD camera attached. The feature allows you to record key moments and will broadcast a video of you in your headset to showcase the movements in real time.


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